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2019-06-05: Ruby 2.7 — Enumerable#tally
First look at the new Enumerable#tally method. Useful for counting occurencies.
2019-06-04: Ruby 2.7 — Pattern Matching — Destructuring on Point
Playing with the upcoming Ruby pattern matching/destructuring and a look into some potential usecases for it.
2019-06-04: Refactoring Live: Primitive Obsession
[VIDEO] Really excellent hands-on talk on refactoring with live examples. By James Dabbs, from RailsConf 2019.
2019-06-04: inject vs each_with_object
When to use inject (reduce) and when each_with_object in ruby?
2019-06-04: Refactoring with Hash Defaults
Did you know all the ways you can make a ruby hash have a default value?
2019-06-04: AWS Lambda + Ruby = Podcast
Tutorial on how to build a podcast feed with ruby and AWS lambda. You'll write a lambda function that will re-generate your podcast feed everytime you upload a new episode to your S3 bucket.
2019-06-04: Reorganizing your (Phoenix) Contexts as Use Cases
How to use the Command/Interactor pattern in Elixir wtih Ecto.Multi and Phoenix contexts.

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