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Understanding and using Ruby's powerful #grep method

Spoiler: it can do much more that what you probably thought.

What is a reduction and why Fibers are the answer for Ruby concurrency

Easy to digest, yet non-trivial explanation of different means of concurrency and parallelism we now have in Ruby, the differences between them and what to keep an eye on.

The Origin of the Shell

Interesting memory of Louis Pouzin who coined the term Shell (and came up with the idea) in the first half of the sixties.

Data pipelines in Ruby on Rails

Nice example of gradually spliting big chunk of work into more and more granular jobs.

My Beef With RuboCop


Raspberry Pi 400

Modern mini computer in keyboard form factor, in the style of my old Speccy is something i've been long waiting for!

How to Introduce Composite Primary Keys in Rails

Use composite primary keys to speed up querying big databases.

Rails Testing Antipatterns: Fixtures and Factories

Changes in ruby 2.7

Long due, at last read. Nice summary of the important changes the 2.7 brings - with code examples.

Writing a Ractor-based web server

Also watch this talk from RubyKaigi about Ractors.