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Changes in ruby 2.7

Long due, at last read. Nice summary of the important changes the 2.7 brings - with code examples.

Writing a Ractor-based web server

Also watch this talk from RubyKaigi about Ractors.

How Sidekiq really works

Short end-to-end walkthrough of what happens behind the curtain when you call perform_async on your Sidekiq job until the moment it is executed.

The State of Ruby 3 Typing

Introducing RBS, Ruby’s new type signature language. What you can write using RBS, the key concepts of the design of RBS, and the benefits and tools that come with RBS.

Some SQL Tricks of an Application DBA

Non-trivial tips for database development.

CLIs are reified UIs

Thoughts about the differences between CLIs and GUIs in relation to materiality of user interaction and it's consequences.

Ruby's Bitwise Toolbox: Operators, Applications and Magic Tricks

Nice quick overview of bitwise operation and how to use them in ruby to do some basic "tricks".

Postgres Distinct On

Use Postgres' DISTINCT ON clause to get rid of N+1 in Rails.

Asynchronous HTTP requests in Rails

How to use Javascript's fetch() method in Rails for async fetch and insert partials.

5 Ways to Splat in Ruby

Quick list of cool ways to use the *splat operator.