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CLIs are reified UIs

Thoughts about the differences between CLIs and GUIs in relation to materiality of user interaction and it's consequences.

Ruby's Bitwise Toolbox: Operators, Applications and Magic Tricks

Nice quick overview of bitwise operation and how to use them in ruby to do some basic "tricks".

Postgres Distinct On

Use Postgres' DISTINCT ON clause to get rid of N+1 in Rails.

Asynchronous HTTP requests in Rails

How to use Javascript's fetch() method in Rails for async fetch and insert partials.

5 Ways to Splat in Ruby

Quick list of cool ways to use the *splat operator.

Predicting the Future With Linear Regression in Ruby

Simple exlanation and an example of linear regression in ruby.

Why Rubyists Should Consider Learning Go

Practical use of Ruby PStore

How to use ruby's built-in file based key-value store as a cache for your HTTP requests.

Pretty CSV viewing on the Command Line

How to pretty print CSV files on the commandline using only the basic unix tools?

Facade Pattern in Rails for Performance and Maintainability