2019-03-15: Redis Pub/Sub... How Does it Work?
Old article but I think it still holds up as an intro to using ruby for Redis Pub/Sub messaging. Good to know if your're using something like Rails' ActionCable. Also, the example is much fun to play with.
2018-03-13: Introduction to Roda
Excellent intro to the minimalist and innovative web framework Roda.
2018-03-12: How I Emacs And So Can You
Great practical intro guide to Emacs.
2018-03-11: Ten Ways to Secure your Applications
List of areas you should focus your attention to when securing your web app plus suggestions on what to do/use.
2018-03-08: Why don’t we validate controller parameters?
about controller params validation & how to use apipie-rails gem for this purpose.
2018-03-08: Value Objects in Ruby
Simple intro to ruby value objects. Also read comments too!